DLR Kredit A/S

Denmark EEA Member

DLR Kredit is a specialized Danish mortgage bank focusing on mortgage lending to agricultural and urban trade properties in the domestic market. DLR Kredit is owned by 47 Danish country-wide and local banks which also form DLR Kredit's strong distribution network.

Pool Program details

Identifier Capital Centre B
Country Denmark
Legal framework Danish Covered Bonds
Harmonised transparency template https://dlr.dk/en/investor/
Pool type Mortgage
Description 97.6% of the pool is backed by domestic residential and commercial mortgages. The remaining 2.4% of the pool is backed by mainly owner-occupied homes in Greenland and on the Faroe Islands.

Bond details

ISIN DK0006359955
Other identifier 1% DLR Kredit B 01jan2029 RF
Face value (EUR) 4,646,480
Face value (DKK) 34.629.746,00
Initial Issuance Date 04/08/2023
Maturity Date 01/01/2029
EU Label European Covered Bond (Premium)
Maturity profile HB
Tapped Yes
Coupon Type Fixed
Syndicated Yes
Listed Yes
Additional Information https://www.nasdaqomxnordic.com/bonds/denmark/microsite?Instrument=XCSE1_JAN_B_2029_RF&name=1%20jan%20B%202029%20RF