Label secretariat

Members of the Secretariat

Mr Luca Bertalot - Label Administrator
Mr Daniele Westig
Ms Jennifer Johnson

Ms Sophie Blave
Mr Daniel Bradley
Mr Edoardo Caroli

Role of the Label Secretariat

The Label Secretariat is responsible for:

  • The day-to-day management of the Covered Bond Label Foundation;
  • The management of the practical aspects of the labelling process, including the review of the applications for manifest errors;
  • The liaison with national authorities;
  • The publication and maintenance of a list of labelled programmes / individual issuances and links to issuer transparency information;
  • The operation of the Label's IT infrastructure and its website;
  • The organisation of the accountancy and annual auditing of the activities of the Covered Bond Label Foundation; and
  • The reporting to the Label Committee.