Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.

Italy EEA Member

Please be aware that for ISP CB Ipotecario and ISP CB Pubblico the HTTs refer not to the Calendar Quarter but to different periods equal to the specific Collection Period, as defined in the Prospectus of each Programmes

Pool Program detail

Identifier ISP OBG S.r.l.
Country Italy
Shortcut: legal framework
Harmonised transparency template
Pool type Mortgage
Description Multi-originator Programme

Bond details

ISIN IT0005508699
Other identifier
Face value (EUR) 10,000,000
Initial Issuance Date 29/09/2022
Maturity Date 20/08/2052
Maturity profile SB
Tapped No
Coupon Type Floating
Syndicated No
Listed Yes
Additional Information